Bakery Dough Sheeter

Bakery dough sheeter will help you saving time, and power for flatten dough and adjusting dough tickness as you need. The layers of dough which are resulted by Bakery dough sheeter are, precise, have similar thickness, good softness, and the processing of making it faster than using conventional tools or hands.

The benefits of using Bakery dough sheeter are;

  • Able to flatten any type of dough such as, pizza crust, flatbreads, pie crust, pastry dough, and cake fondant with less time consuming
  • Bakery dough sheeter be able to make dough within minute
  • Providing savety sistem which will ensure your employee will not get any incident, such as hand sprains

In addition bakery dough sheeter is an importan tool to help your restaurant operation and maximizing your food production