Since 2000 Besser Vacuum is the brand of vacuum made in Italy. Born from a deep experience in this sector, the company of Dignano (Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italia), produces and distributes external suction and chambers vacuum packaging machines, heatsealers, and a wide range of vacuum bags. Besides, the company offers practical vacuum containers, ideal to daily have the freshness and genuineness of the home cooking. Flagship of Besser Vacuum, the wide range of machinery and accessories for vacuum offers reliable and innovative solutions, ideal for all sectors: from the domestic use to the professional catering, to engineering and food industries of all sizes, offering in this way the most complete range on the market. Besser Vacuum has specialized for years in the production of cutlery polishing machines and cleaning tanks that facilitate the cleaning of dishes in the catering activities.

When talking about food conservation quality represents an indispensable requirement.
All Besser Vacuum products are manufactured by highly qualified staff in the company production floors, using material thoroughly tested and of first quality, in accordance with all applicable national and international regulations.

For this reason to use the wide range of Besser Vacuum products means healthier food, more hygieneand less waste of food, saving of money and precious time in the kitchen: an ideal choice for families and catering experts.
Besser Vacuum is certified ISO 9001:2008