Bakery Dough Divider

Are you tired of cutting and rounding/winding by hand? Are you looking for an equipment that can assist you?

Do you want higher productive performances with time and physical effort reduction keeping higher quality standards?

Bakery dough divider helps your bakery  dough into equal portions to ensure cooking of all the portions. Using high-end dough divider ease you to produce more evenly bread roll, which means there will be less chance of burning individual burn or rolls, as they are evenly sized. There is also dough divider that offers unmatched portioning accuracy to meet unique client needs.

The bakery dough divider, conceived for cutting and rounding/winding, is composed by:

  • Press with cutting blades placed in the upper part of the machine (“head”). Driven by an unlock lever
  • Upper structure (“head”) containing the press, moved by a lever. Purpose: to press the dough placed in the reels plates, preparing it for the cutting process
  • Reels plates for dough proper placement
  • Dough rounding system driven by a lever regulating the winding speed
  • Press depth tuner inclusion for space adjustment between the press and the dough. This space must be adjusted depending on the type of dough and the desired cutting
  • Interconnection of technological procedures that allows to the operator the control of the cutting and rounding process (press lever, star handle and dough rounding, depth tuner)

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