What is the process of shipping goods?2020-01-16T01:47:06+07:00

We will process the shipment of goods after we receive your payment. Send proof of your transfer to our fax at (021) 625 8473 or e-mail our Sales Consultant, to speed up the process of shipping goods. If you have made a payment, but are late to confirm with us, then the delay that occurs is not our responsibility.

Delivery time for goods that are not available or indent is non-binding, depending on weather conditions, transportation, and customs / customs from the country of origin or Indonesia.

We will immediately send the item to the shipping address you provided. To speed up delivery of goods to the destination, please include your full delivery address and telephone number.

How long does it take to arrive at my place?2020-01-16T01:55:23+07:00
  • Jabodetabek estimates are between 2-3 days.
  • Non-Jakarta depending on the destination city, estimated between 1-2 days for over night service,
  • Non-Jakarta depends on the destination city, estimated between 2-14 days for regular.
  • Shipping in the Jakarta area is free of charge.
  • Spending with a minimum transaction of Rp 2,000,000 is not subject to shipping fees for Bodetabek
  • Expenditures for transactions under Rp. 2,000,000 will be subject to a shipping fee for the Bodetabek area of Rp. 150,000 per shipment
How much is the shipping cost out of town?2020-01-16T01:56:28+07:00
  1. Shipping costs are calculated per kilogram of item weight or metric volume.
  2. Insurance costs are mandatory, except at the request of the buyer and damage during shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.
  3. Wood packing fees are mandatory for fragile items.

Shipping costs must be paid in full before the goods are sent. If the ordered goods are heavy and fragile, we will add a separate wooden packing fee for the safety of your goods during shipping. The rate of wood packing will be estimated later.

Prepare sufficient personnel and adequate equipment when receiving goods. The freight forwarder only ships goods to the destination safely and is not responsible for unloading goods at your location. Estimated unloading services of goods from vehicles to the place where the goods will be placed can be requested at our Sales Consultant.


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