Since 1986, Kolb Group from Switzerland has started to serve customers in Asia with top quality European baking and kitchen equipment. In 2005, Kolb Huizhou started as the production facility in China for the Kolb Group. The aim is to supply to customers in the area with much more affordable options. Since then Swiss quality at unbeatable price has been the commitment of the Kolb Huizhou team.

After almost a decade of effort, Kolb equipment from the Huizhou factory has received recognition from an increasing number of important customers, both home and overseas. Without any doubt, continuous innovation, smart product design, stable quality, outstanding energy efficiency, and customer-oriented services are the key ingredients that have made Kolb Huizhou different from the competition. Nowadays, Kolb Huizhou’s equipment is helping bakers in more than 40 countries all over the world to deliver great products to their clients around the clock.

As a Swiss company, we deeply believe that quality is the power for a company to grow. Swiss quality at unbeatable price will always remains our first priority to serve our customers. We look forward to be your reliable partner to succeed.