Kolb Laguna Oven KBS-001

Kolb Laguna Oven KBS-001
This combination is a collection of KOLB Atoll800, Deck Oven Laguna and Retarder Proofer. Especially suitable for in-store bakery area about 100㎡,
or the workshop. The under base Retarder Proofer is specially designed for even better convenience

► Different components to make your own configurationcially designed for baking chout puff type products

► The pre-heat timer for deck oven, outsanding insulation, combination design, we aim at optimizing your work efficiency

► Independent steam heatings system for baking all kinds of European breads




Convection Oven Dimension : 840 (D) x 935 (W) x 625 (H) mm
Deck Oven Laguna Dimension : 630 (D) x 520 (W) x 470 (H) mm
Proofer Dimension : 962 (D) x 1005 (W) x 950 (H) mm
Convection Oven Power : 9 Kw
Deck Oven Laguna Power : 3.8 Kw
Proofer Power : 1.3 Kw

Additional information

Weight 1560 kg
Dimensions 1115 × 1590 × 2215 cm

KOLB Oven Laguna K03-8644P1+K01-0604D10H+K11-1064D124D12-2021



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