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TECNOEKA Combi Oven With Touch Control

TECNOEKA Combi Oven With Touch Control EKF 2011 TC – Designed specially for large delicatessens and any restaurant that prides itself on a successful combination of quantity and quality, the EKF 2011 TC electronic oven is the most powerful and capacious in the new Touch range. Accommodating 20 1/1 GN pans – which can be slotted into a practical removable trolley featuring an ergonomically designed grip and lockable castors – you even have the option of cooking starters, steamed vegetables and meat or fish mains simultaneously. High-quality materials and 5 fans arranged along the full height of the oven wall combine to ensure even cooking.

Technical Feature

Specifications EKF 2011 TC
 Temperature : 30 ÷ 260 (°C)
 Capacity :  20 trays/grids
 Power Supply (kW) :  30
Weight (kg) :  244,4
 Oven Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) :  986x1031x1920 (mm)


unit price

Rp 180,400,185

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