PITCO Solstice Gas Rethermalizer TB-SRTG14-2


  • Marine grade stainless steel insulated tank Preview (opens in a new tab)
  • Cabinet: polished stainless steel front, door and splash back. Aluminized steel sides and back
  • Water shedding top deck reduces water waste
  • Digital Solid State Thermostat with front panel mounted ON/OFF and Fill only switch
  • Matchless ignition pilot with flame loss safety shut-off
  • Automatic water fill / level system with in-line strainer, maintains the correct water level.
  • Auto-On upon power up (with Power Switch “On”)
  • Level control prevents tank from heating until the water is at the correct level.
  • Tank overfill protection, safely diverts water to common drain outlet.
  • 1″ NPT (2.54 cm) Full port drain valve
  • Tank drain strainers
  • Double walled hinged covers prevent heat loss
  • Welded stainless steel tank cover handle(s)
  • Heavy Duty 3/16” (.48 cm) door hinge
  • 6″ (15.2cm) swivel casters
  • Single Gas Connection with 90 degree elbow installed
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The TB-SRTG14-2 rethermalizer design offers higher production with increased efficiency for rethermalization of Spicy chicken, Taco meat and steak along with other standard precooked YUM! freezer to rethermalizer food products.

Rethermalizer Gas Cooker, TB-SRTG14-2 (Dual Cooker) (L10209-Ax, Gas type, Voltage, kBtu/hr) Line up (L/R) SRTG14, SRTG14 includes Digital Solid State Thermostat, matchless ignition, automatic water fill/level control, SS cabinet front and aluminized sides, insulated tank with double walled cover, water shedding top deck, tank overfill, common drain, 6” swivel casters. Accessories includes: (1) brush, (2) 12 slot tank racks, (1) 48” x ½” (122 x 1.27cm) flexible water hose w/QD, (1) 48”x3/4” (122 x 1.9cm) gas hose w/QD.

1 – Cleaning Brush
2 – 12 slot tank racks
1 – 48” x ¾” (122 x 1.9cm) flexible gas hose with quick disconnect
1 – 48” x ½” (122 x 1.27cm) flexible water hose w/QD

Additional information

Weight235 kg
Dimensions142,2 × 90,1 × 118,1 cm
Water Capacity

18 1/4 gal ( 69.1 liters)

Cooking Area

14 1/8 x 19 1/2 in (35.8 x 49.5 cm)

Cook Depth

12-3/8 in (31.4 cm)

Burner Pressure Nat

4.0" W.C. (9.96 bars/.996kPa)

Burner Pressure LP

10" W.C.(25 bars/2.5kPa)


53.5 ft3 (1.5 m3 )

Shipping Weight

520 Lbs (235 kg)

Gas Input Rate / Hr

55,000 BTUS(16 kW) (58MJ)

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