Astoria Automatic Coffee Machine Drive 6000 ASR

Features :

  • Autosteamers
  • Display and capacitive push-button panel
  • Automatic steam wand
  • Single cappucino maker

Daily Coffee Production : 300-400 (cups/day)
Production Cap. – expresso : 240 (cups/hour)
Production Cap. – cappuccino : 200 (cups/hour)

Specifications :
Voltage : 220/240 V
Power : 5900 W
Dimension : 370 (W) x 823 (D) x 570 (H) mm
Weight : 50 Kg
Daily Coffe Production : 300-400 (cups/day)
Production Cap. – express : 240 (cups/hour)
Production Cap. – cappuccino : 200 (cups/hour)

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Fully automatic machines
Ease of use, immediateness and interactivity. These are the keywords that summarize the category of super-automatic coffee machines branded Astoria. Coffee that always assures excellent and sustainable quality independently of the barista, being able to dispense coffee and milk-based beverages, besides affording optimal intuitivity in all operations.

Drive6000 is the Astoria super-automatic machine that makes coffee and milk drinks simple and intuitive. Quick and easy cleaning

Standard features:

Display and capacitative push button panel. Single cappuccino maker. Water mains connection. Automatic steam wand. Water tap. Added water. Decaffeinated coffee

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions82,3 × 51,5 × 57,0 cm

380/415 V


4.400 Watt

Daily Coffee Production

300-400 (cups/day)

Production Caps. -expresso

240 (cups/day)

Production Caps. -cappucino

200 (cups/day)

Production Caps. -chocolate

120 (cups/day)

Astoria Coffee Machine DRIVE 6000 AMR-2021



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