BRAS is established and enter the market in that right commercial moment. First steps are towards the carbonated drinks and particularly the beer: the bar counter pre-mix “Spinamatic” reaches a considerable success and gets several reviews (on its presentation on the market it gets the “Compasso d’Oro”. It is the first award that BRAS gets for its “Industrial Design” that for the coming years will be the unmistakable mark of the BRAS products).

On the same wake, BRAS launches on the market the “SB LINE”. It is a line of pre-mix broaching machines for carbonated drinks and, simultaneously, has a bright idea….

SUDDEN INSIGHT. BRAS senses the potentiality of non-carbonated Drink Dispensers and the growing advantages that they will have in the future. The important thing is to create something new and Bras concentrates its efforts on the industrialisation of this product.
Bras (first Company in European) realizes the MB Line (small sized and modular drink dispensers).

BRAS EVERYWHERE. When MB Line appears on the market reaches a “great success”. In the eighties Bras is not only synonymous of drink dispenser. Its range of products destined to commercial concerns grows and is enriched by new lines: frozen beverage FB LINE dispensers and Hot Beverage Dispensers.

BRAS history also includes a parenthesis in the seventies during which we also manufactured BRAS 200 (“Compasso d’Oro Premium”) an innovative coin operated espresso coffee machine destined to the field of self service.

TODAY. The production of Bras evolves abreast of the times and the evolution of the market. JOLLY Line: small drink dispensers with 5 and 7 litres bowls with small size immediately meet the users needs and receive the public approbation. They are meant for cold tea and coffee or delicate beverage and peculiarly destined to fruit juices manufacturers.