PIRA Charcoal Ovens PIRA 80 XL LUX INOX

PIRA Charcoal Ovens PIRA 80 XL LUX INOX is the third charcoal oven in size of a new generation of charcoal ovens
that is revolutionizing the world of catering. Its features, performance, savings and size make it
a very economical model, profitable and preferred by many chefs for its comfortability.

PIRACOLD is a cooling system designed and registered by PIRA, the most important effects are
the outdoor oven temperature and energy savings:When the oven reaches its maximum operating
temperature, the oven outside structure temperature remain controlled and safe.

The temperature inside the cooking chamber is maintaine for hours, even after the service is finished. Thus, although production is equal that other oven with the same dimensions, this oven saves energy and money; because of there is a very low charcoal consumption. The same amount of charcoal can be use to cook up to 25% than an charcoal oven without PIRACOLD. It is ideal for small / medium establishments or for restaurants where the grill is an additional line in the menu.

The best oven at the best price!
Thanks to the internal oil & grease collector, this model let you also cook with a grooved grill all kinds of food without flames and avoiding burning the food: fish, meat, vegetables.The Pira 80 LUX INOX is equipped with a glass that withstands high temperatures up to 750ºC allowing you to view the food whilst you are cooking, this helps to maintain oven temperature and reduces charcoal consumption

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