GI METAL plastic dough boxes CASS 64 CP

GI METAL plastic dough boxes CASS 64 CP :

  • GI.METAL meticulous production, all-italian design
    GI.METAL is an Italian company that produces to its own designs.
  • One single philosophy lies behind two different production activities: pizza accessories and catering trolleys.
  • Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses: for professional and recreational use alike, for those who make and serve pizza and those who handle foodstuffs, kitchenware and food courses in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms.
  • GI METAL Plastic Dough Box model : CASS 64 CP
  • Polyethylene for food use
  • The weight of GI METAL Plastic Dough Box is 0.75 kg
  • Dimensions of plastic dough box is 60x40cm
  • The use of innovative polymers for plastic die cast handles renders our products resistant to high temperatures and collisions.

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