TECNOEKA Gas Conventional Oven With Steam

TECNOEKA Gas Conventional Oven With Steam EKF 1064 GEUD – High quantity and quality at the highest level. It’s ideal for large bakeries and patisseries. Bread, pizza, sponge cake, cream puffs, cookies, Panettone, Pandoro, leavened products, croissants and fine pastry products: you can customize your recipes through the handy electronic control panel with 99 programs that allows you to cook in 4 phases.

Technical Feature


Specifications EKF 1064 GEUD
 Temperature : 50 ÷ 260 (°C)
 Capacity :  10 trays/grids
 Power Supply (kW) :  0,70
 Weight (kg) :  150,4
 Oven Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) : 935x978x1388 (mm)


unit price

Rp 88,702,045

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