TECNOEKA Gas Convention Oven With Steam

TECNOEKA Gas Convention Oven With Steam EKF 464 GUD – Practicality and quality for this oven. Bakes pastry and bakery products quickly with a keen eye for consumption through the use of gas: desired temperatures is reached in a short time thus saving energy. Its natural habitat is the small bakeries and pastry shops where space is a valuable asset. Despite the compact dimensions and the ease of use, the oven EKF 464 G UD allows you to customize each recipe with its functionality of direct steam.

Technical Feature


Specifications EKF 464 GUD
 Temperature : 100 ÷ 260 (°C)
 Capacity :  4 trays/grids
 Power Supply (kW) :  0,30
 Weight (kg) :  99,2
 Oven Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) : 935x978x989 (mm)


unit price

Rp 56,079,854

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