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OMAS Bone Saw

OMAS Bone Saw S 250 feature :

  • The design of every detail of this model aimed to achieve an advanced machine, with high practically In use.
  • But above all, extreme easiness to be cleaned, thus making it a machine unique of its gender
  • Beside that, it equipped with a stainless steel table sliding on ball bearings
  • So, it allows to obtain effortlessly an exceptional precision in cutting any type of meat with bones, either fresh or frozen, poultry, fish and game
  • In addition, strong and noiseless machines with rounded line, built out of anodized aluminum alloy for food use, without angles and gaps where dirt can rest
  • Inside surfaces entirely coated with anti-stick material, pulleys, band guide and stainless steel table removable quickly and without any tool
  • Therefore it allows the perfect cleaning of the machine
  • Maximum practically in use. So, thanks to the preloaded band fastener that sets the band to the right tension just by rotating an apposite lever
  • In conclusion, machine designed in the most rigorous compliance of all safety standards and in respect of the maximum hygienic level

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