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DRY AGER Dry Aging Machine DX 500

DRY AGER DRY AGING MACHINE DX 500, The German-Made compact dry-aging refrigerator for retailers + shops

3 Options: For integration in a wall | side-by-side in a wall | free standing

Dry-Age gourmet meat with the original DRY AGER® – now in the new format for smaller areas.

Dry-Aged Beef is literally the way to go, from the high end restaurants to the street food truck. The English term simply means “dry maturation”. Actually a well-tried method, also known as “well hung”. The meat becomes exceptionally tender and flavoursome. This is why it is so popular. With the DRY AGER® DX 1000 meat maturing refrigerator from Landig, this traditional process has been revived.

Now the engineers in Bad Saulgau (Southern Germany) have built, using all the technology in the pioneering model, a smaller version: the DRY AGER® DX 500. This professional unit is suitable not only for beef but also for pork, lamb, or venison and for the production of sausages such as salami or ham. In the commercial sector, the refrigerator (retail price approx. € 2,695.00) will pay for itself after just 2 full loads and is therefore an extremely worthwhile investment.


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Rp 75,489,770

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