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DRY AGER DRY AGING MACHINE DX 1000 The German-Made Dry-Aging fridge for retailers / shops / restaurants

3 Options: For integration in a wall | side-by-side in a wall | free standing

Dry-Age gourmet meat with the original DRY AGER® – now in the new format for smaller areas.

DRY AGER® DX1000 – guaranteed increased meat sales in the catering trade. A meat maturing refrigeration system for Dry Aged Beef, Ham and Charcuterie.

In recent years, there has been a pleasing trend in meat consumption and a focus on quality by the consumer. Good meat, instead of mass produced, is sought after. Traditional sourcing methods are re-evaluating. The dry aging process  is produce a very special flavour and experience  , ie the dry maturing of meat. The meat is suspend, on the bone, at a controlling temperature, humidity and air quality. Thus it can mature under optimal conditions and develop its full taste.

Landig + Lava have a tradition for quality. For over 30 years, the family business has been a pioneer in meat chilling and vacuum sealing technology. In collaboration with a food laboratory and two trained meat experts, Landig + Lava have now developed the high quality DRY AGER® meat maturing refrigerator. Assured expertise in food quality, meat maturing and technology combine in an appealing design.

Technical Feature

Specifications  DX 1000
 Dimensions (HxWxD) :  165 x 70 x 75
 Internal Capacity / net :  478/435 ltr
 Voltage :  230 V
 Temperature :  From 0° C to +25° C
 Max Load :  Up to 100 kg

Accessories Incld

Model : DX 1000 +DX 0010
• 2 pcs selving for individual join DX 0020
• 1 pcs Saltair Himalayan Salt Block set DX 0055
• 1 pcs Saltair tray DX 0070
• 1 pcs S-hook stainless steel DX 0090
• 1 pcs Turning hook stainless steel DX 0095

unit price

Rp 90,076,724

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