BESSER VACUUM Chamber Machine Tornado

  • All Besser Vacuum products are manufactured by highly qualified staff in the company production floors, using material thoroughly tested and of first quality, in accordance with all applicable national and international regulations

Machine dimension: 870x690x1050 mm
Weight: 175 kg
Voltage: 220 V-50 / 60 Hz tri-phase – 380 V-50 / 60 Hz tri-phase
Power consumption: 1,5 kW
Structure: Stainless steel 430
Chamber dimensions: 760x540x200 mm
Pump: 63 m3 /h
Welding bar: Sup/Inf 750/750 mm
Sx/Dx 520/520 mm
Sx/Inf 520/680 mm
Sx/Inf/Dx 520/620/520 mm
Display: LCD
Programs number: 20 + soft vacuum
Vacuum in containers: Yes (Accessory)
Liquid stairwell: Yes (Option)
Protective atmosphere: Yes (Option)
Printer kit: Yes (Option)
Welding bar in standard version-option version: 2-3
Gas implant: Yes (Option)
GN pans suction pipe: Yes (Accessory)
Liquids inclined shelf: Yes (Accessory)
Stair well + liquids draining unit: Yes (Option)
Printer + Double display : Yes (Option)
Printer + double display + waterproof keyboard + usb door: Yes (Option)
Gas implant pre-arrangement: Yes (Option)
Kit of gas implant spare-parts: Yes (Accessory)
Vacuum sensor: Yes (Option)

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Rp 224,146,548

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